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Whether you’re a credit union, mortgage company, title company or loan services, reliable data regarding community associations is essential to your loan decision-making. With Avanta Risk Management, the largest holder of Homeowner’s and Condo Association data in the industry, you can confidently make decisions and manage risk. Our products provide:

  • Easy access to information
  • Data insights for your loan decisions
  • Less risk for you and your clients
  • Regulatory compliance

With data at-your-fingertips, you can make decisions more quickly, regardless of where in the United States you’re located. And you can be confident in the data we provide; we stand by our products with our Data Accuracy Guarantee.

Avanta Data Services

Avanta Data Services are designed to help you eliminate risks, cut costs, and optimize ROI. Our custom data solutions generate value by providing:

  • Accurate calculations for HOA expenses to help determine borrower affordability.
  • Improved accuracy of escrow allocations for mortgage servicers.
  • Convenient access to HOA Management contact information.
  • Easy portfolio analysis capabilities allowing for quick, less-risk investment decisions.
  • Data visualization tools and analytics to help identify trends, opportunities, and risks quickly and reliably.

The Below Products And Services Support Specific Real Estate Transaction Requirements.


Our AvantaPro solution provides you with detailed information about the homeowner’s association, statement of accounts and other required disclosure documents. Our process means you have data in your hands quickly and easily, in order to:

  • Reduce costs and errors.
  • Create standardized, digital reporting formats.
  • Reduce financial exposure on properties do not close through pre-approval and digital payments.
  • Eliminate out-of-pocket data acquisition cost through pre-approval and digital fees.

AvantaPro PLUS

As an extension of the AvantaPro solution, Avanta will continue to monitor subject properties for delinquent HOA payments for a prescribed period. This service will:

  • Eliminate operational costs related to finding and tracking HOA payments.
  • Monitor HOA payment status to help avoid liens and excessive fees.
  • Reduce loss reserves for excessive expenses not reimbursable by investors.

In some cases, you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses for our data by adding AvantaPro and AvantaPro PLUS as a settlement service charge during default, forbearance, or foreclosure events.


The AvantaCondo service helps lenders collect and maintain condominium project information to meet underwriting guidelines and ensure loans are “Warrantable” by investors. Avanta provides:

  • Condo data derived from both public and condo resources.
  • Automatic updates based on your preferred schedule to ensure accuracy.
  • Customized Condo Questionnaires to help maintain lender compliance.
  • Supporting documents to ensure Warrantability.


AvantaLien services identifies properties encumbered by HOA liens in super-lien States, reducing your loss risk. This service will help lenders:

  • Determine which properties might have a heightened risk of loss by finding all associated community associations.
  • Avoid loss risk with monthly, quarterly, or annual review of jurisdictional data.
  • Workflow systems that allow you to organize properties by lien date, manage lien processing and reduce financial loss.
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